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About Us

Sinclair Oil Corporation has been helping western America drive with confidence for over 90 years. Formed from the assets of eleven small petroleum companies in 1916, Sinclair is one of the oldest continuous names in the oil business. The first corporate emblem, SINCO, was registered November 1, 1916. Sinclair operates two of the most up-to-date refineries in western America, supplying customers the highest quality Sinclair gasolines, diesel fuel and jet fuel. The Sinclair Refinery near Rawlins, Wyoming, is one of the West’s longest-running industrial plants, yet Sinclair has made it one of the most modern refineries in the Rockies, producing 60,000 barrels of petroleum products per day. Sinclair’s Little America Refinery in Casper, Wyoming, refines 20,000 barrels of petroleum products per day.

About WEX Inc.

The Sinclair Fleet and OTR Cards are administered by WEX. WEX is a leading global provider of payment processing and information management services. For more information about WEX, please visit www.wexinc.com.